Welcome the Hot Dog Caboose!


This hot dog spot is housed in a real fire-red caboose. It's adorable. However, that alone doesn't explain our nearly 16-year-long success. The dogs are all-beef Sabrett done "dirty water" style and topped with, well, just about anything and everything. Fries with cheese & bacon, pulled pork with coleslaw, Fritos with chili & raw onion or Russian dressing with Swiss cheese & saurkraut are among the most popular combinations.


You can't eat in the caboose, but there are picnic tables to enjoy! Bring your sunglasses and your appetite and join us at the Hot Dog Caboose!

211 Greenwood Ave. Midland Park, NJ 07432          (201) 444 - 2531          contact_us@hotdogcaboose.com

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